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"I loved Nik’s delivery style. I found her very authentic, practicing what she is teaching. Nik’s manner was warm
and inclusive and yet investigative. I thoroughly enjoyed this 8 week journey with Nik, found her an inspirational captain!
I loved her sharing her personal experiences of her meditation journey."



"So many benefits Nik! Concentration at work has greatly improved. Improved communication with my family.
The ability to slow down, be more present and appreciate what is happening now. The ability to step back and not get
caught up in my thoughts. Massive reduction in feelings of anxiety. Not reliant on alcohol and distractions to cope with stress."



"Nik, you are a wonderful teacher & coach - gentle, affirming, honest & real- Thank you!"



"I just wanted to let you know Nik how much we all enjoyed the mindfulness training. We all made the observation that you had
a really calming/soothing style and you were a hit with everyone! I recall that after our first session, I came back to my desk feeling
more focused and I noticed how much more productive I was during the week ..."
-Helen Syrrakos. Manager, Community Interests, Australian Communications and Media Authority



"Just wanted to say thank you again for your session today! It was so well received and the women were talking all day about
how much they’d enjoyed it, and in particular, how effective it was for them to use mindfulness to transition into the day.
It was an absolute pleasure to meet you."
-Laura Birchall, Boston Consulting Group



"Learning to meditate and be mindful changed my life... to help deal with stress in a healthy & functional way.
I feel that everyone would benefit from taking a class like this."



“My name is Chris and I recently completed a course in mindfulness conducted by Nik. I have been struggling with Post Traumatic
Stress Disorder and anxiety and depression for the last five years as a direct result of the 2009 Murrindindi Bushfires. I first heard
about the concept of mindfulness about four years ago and remember that it helped me with my overall problems at the time, but
sadly I let my practices drop. My physical health seemed to go down in proportion to my mental well being, with the onset of PTSD
I resumed smoking again after seventeen years which made me very unhappy but I felt powerless and unable to stop also, for a time,
I struggled with alcohol abuse. This passed but I was still unhappy with my smoking habit and getting nowhere. I started the course
with Nik and after only two weeks of mindful meditations and practices every day I seemed to be able to draw on something deep within
and I quit smoking. A miracle had occurred. With the medications that I take for the PTSD and anxiety I have to monitor my blood pressure
and heart rate every day. To this end I use both a blood pressure/heart rate machine and a sports watch. By the end of the course,
practicing mindfulness every day and trying to live in a mindful way my resting heart rate went from 105 bpm to, after eight weeks, 55-60 bpm
and I feel a lot calmer and less anxious. I do not think I would have been able to attain these goals if it were not for doing this course,
and I thank Nik from the bottom of my now happy heart”