How do I apply for the MBSR course?
You can register here. Once you are registered, you will receive a short questionnaire and invoice for the balance of the fees. A brief phone consultation (20-30min) will then be scheduled with Nik to discuss any particular questions you may have about the MBSR course and how you might maximise the benefits. 

What type of people enrol in this stress reduction program?
In our classes you might find professionals, stay-at-home parents, and adults of all ages. Some are referred by their doctor or psychologist, while many people self-refer. You will see people who want to understand and integrate mindfulness in their lives and improve the quality of their life. The program is intended to help those who feel life has gotten 'out of control', others who want to know how to manage their stress or anxiety, and those seeking to reduce the suffering associated with physical or psychological symptoms.

Do I have to share private information with the class?
No. Participants determine for themselves what information they choose to share with the group. However, it is a very supportive environment that encourages you to share whatever you feel comfortable with. All information shared is confidential. 

Are there religious / Buddhist aspects to the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program?
No. The practices and techniques are designed to be neutral and secular. People that take the program come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.

Do I need to have any prior meditation practice?
No prior meditation experience is necessary. Mindfulness practice does not take any special skills. All meditations are guided.

What if I can’t do Mindful movement / yoga because of a physical condition?
This yoga is extremely gentle. The focus is on stretching, awareness of the breath and the body. Participants are never asked to push beyond their personal limitations. 

Do you offer concession places? 
We offer reduced and sliding scale fees for those who are in financial need. Please contact us to discuss.

We believe in Karma. Mindfulness Project donates at least 10% of profits to supporting monks in the Theravada tradition of Ajahn Chah

Do you have any other questions? Contact Nik and she will be happy to answer any questions you have: hello@mindfulnessproject.com.au