carpe diem - part 2

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my Aunty's death and my concern's for dad.  What a relief we now have dad settling into his new home. He is living where my Aunty Joan lived for more than twenty years. Dad said that it already feels like home, and "Why would I want to be anywhere else".

dad and i

I have taken dad to the cafe there a few times, and what a hub of activity! Already we have met people who knew Aunty Joan. We spoke to a man who lived a few doors down from her for 10 years. To hear him talk about her, their friendship and his admiration for her was beautiful. We were brought to tears, seeing & feeling her memory kept alive in the faces of others. 

I realise that these are the moments to cherish.

Writing this made me think of the song 'A World of Our Own' by The Seekers. We used to see dad every second weekend and on the way back to our mum's house, we would belt out tunes from The Seekers & The Carpenters. I have mixed emotions when I reflect on those times (a story for another day) but we did love belting out those classic tunes.

I love you dad.

Nik xo. 

carpe diem - seize the day

carpe-diem mindfulness project

My aunty passed away recently.

She was an amazing example of positivity, strength and kindness, and though she’s not here, her very memory continues to inspire me every day.

My dad and her were inseparable all their lives, right up to the last moments, he in his late 70’s, she in her late 80’s. When they were younger, she left school just to look after her younger siblings. This continued well into their adult years; she never really stopped looking after my dad.

But now that she’s gone, my dad is not well. I feel like since she passed away he’s been lost, he’s becoming confused and his memory is beginning to fail. I have heard that it can happen suddenly, rapidly. Seeing this happen to him makes me feel sad.

While there have been highs and lows, dad has always been a wise influence in my life.

I asked him years ago how he felt about getting older. He had said that when the time comes, he would be ready to walk into the sunset. There is some comfort in knowing that he isn't afraid and that he would be ‘ready’ but it is still of course very difficult to see him like this.

We are looking at aged care facilities at the moment as he is now unable to look after himself alone. I have shed many a tear, felt much sadness and heaviness, especially as I write this now.

Amid the sadness, there is also love, hope and joy. Joy in that we will find him somewhere where he can really live out the rest of his days.

When faced with our own aging and mortality – ours, or that of the people we hold dear - we should be reminded to seize the day, to let go of small irritations and frustrations, to look at what we are holding onto: resentments, blame, shame.

It’s the most powerful reality check.

Seize the day.

Girls night out @ Cavalia

I took my daughter Charli to see Cavalia during the week.

To say that I was blown away is an understatement... Big hair, Big ponies, Big tricks and Big love.

It was a night of magic, inspiration and joy.
It also felt like a visual meditation. A deep connection through music, scenery, falling leaves & snow, human and horse. The beauty and love that was so evident in the relationship between the artist riders and the horses was palpable. 

It was a deeply moving experience. While the artists are working hard (& gracefully, joyfully) and the show is very entertaining, by opening your senses and your heart, giving all your presence and love to the experience, you become a part of it. 

Charli loves horses and loves riding. She is a naturally balanced, intuitive rider and it is lovely to watch her as she learns to guide, teach and become one with the horse. As much as it is a huge expense, I feel it is an investment in her mental and physical wellbeing.

Even at the young age of 9, she has had her own little battle with big emotions. She used to have a tantrum everyday, it got so bad once she head butted the floor! She is super independent , strong willed and resilient.

Her relationship with horses has helped her release the energy that used to come out through anger, frustration and physical outbursts. She also practices mindfulness now when she feels strong sensations building in her little body.

So we have decided to go see Cavalia again! This time we are upgrading to front row ‘horse lover’ seats to get the chance to see the horses up close.

Twice in a life time opportunity – not to be missed.
Here in Melbourne until September 1st, then onto Adelaide and Perth.

Nik x.

photo acres to sea

Tread your own path


Billy and Charli have been drawing (& sniffing) all day with their new scented textas from Smiggle
The first few pieces of art were presented freely to me with big hugs and "I love you, mum" and "I’m so happy you’re home".
They then decided to add a price tag, and these fine works of art would now cost me 50cents and 90cents respectively.
I said to Billy that he was following in our footsteps (as business owners/entrepreneurs). 

His reply: "
I make my own footsteps."

Tread your own path.



Welcome! This is my first ever attempt at blogging. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while now and so … here it is. I’m planning on talking about my practice of mindfulness & meditation, my work and my life as a wife and mother of three tween children and all the chaos, joy, frustration and fun that surrounds it all.

Hope you enjoy it!  -Nik