Girls night out @ Cavalia

I took my daughter Charli to see Cavalia during the week.

To say that I was blown away is an understatement... Big hair, Big ponies, Big tricks and Big love.

It was a night of magic, inspiration and joy.
It also felt like a visual meditation. A deep connection through music, scenery, falling leaves & snow, human and horse. The beauty and love that was so evident in the relationship between the artist riders and the horses was palpable. 

It was a deeply moving experience. While the artists are working hard (& gracefully, joyfully) and the show is very entertaining, by opening your senses and your heart, giving all your presence and love to the experience, you become a part of it. 

Charli loves horses and loves riding. She is a naturally balanced, intuitive rider and it is lovely to watch her as she learns to guide, teach and become one with the horse. As much as it is a huge expense, I feel it is an investment in her mental and physical wellbeing.

Even at the young age of 9, she has had her own little battle with big emotions. She used to have a tantrum everyday, it got so bad once she head butted the floor! She is super independent , strong willed and resilient.

Her relationship with horses has helped her release the energy that used to come out through anger, frustration and physical outbursts. She also practices mindfulness now when she feels strong sensations building in her little body.

So we have decided to go see Cavalia again! This time we are upgrading to front row ‘horse lover’ seats to get the chance to see the horses up close.

Twice in a life time opportunity – not to be missed.
Here in Melbourne until September 1st, then onto Adelaide and Perth.

Nik x.

photo acres to sea