Me Want It (But Me Wait)

There are a lot of things that I want. I want my kids to help out more around the house, to always be respectful and look after each other. I want more time away, more holidays, more R & R, more pampering. I want a maid, a cook and a gardener! 

Alas, we cannot have it all our own way. We try harder and harder to get more of what we don't have and push away what we don't want. Life often throws us curve balls. When we are under pressure, how will we meet these challenges?

When we have the impulse to yell at the kids, our spouses, our coworkers OR to simply eat our fill of cookies, let's take the Cookie's Monster's lead as he learns to #controlmeself with mindfulness. The poster-child for those needing to master self-regulation skills, he is super cute and funny and with almost a million hits on YouTube, he's onto something here.

(to the song 'I love it' by Icona Pop). 

When me lose control, when me on the brink, 
Need to just calm down, me need to stop and think.
Me need control me self, yeah that's the way to live.

When me lose control, when me have no doubt
Me have strategies that can calm me down
Me can talk to self, me can stand up straight
Me can take deep breaths, me can self-regulate!