Fearless heart


So, they told us we would be writing poetry on my recent trip to Openground’s MBSR Teacher Training.
Not my strong suit.

Our facilitator, Dr. Maura Kenny led us through an exercise where we drew squiggles, gave our squiggle a name and then free-associated. We could write, draw, squiggle some more – whatever came freely to mind as we let go and just let be!

To my surprise, the poet in me emerged and I am not as embarrassed as I thought I’d be to share it …

Fearless heart

support on the earth
a song in my heart
glide through the sky
only ever one dart*

smile at the sun
a possibility grows
allow it to be
and inspiration flows

everything is new
I play, swing and slide
the love of the One
in which I abide

lightness of being
fearless of heart
they tell me to trust
that sets me apart

I have no doubt
that I am that
the truth has emerged
it arrived as I sat

*One dart: the Buddha explained that pain is like being hit by a dart, suffering is the extra dart we throw at ourselves. The extra dart is the guilt, worry, anxiety, denial of our painful experiences.

-Nik x.