carpe diem - part 2

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my Aunty's death and my concern's for dad.  What a relief we now have dad settling into his new home. He is living where my Aunty Joan lived for more than twenty years. Dad said that it already feels like home, and "Why would I want to be anywhere else".

dad and i

I have taken dad to the cafe there a few times, and what a hub of activity! Already we have met people who knew Aunty Joan. We spoke to a man who lived a few doors down from her for 10 years. To hear him talk about her, their friendship and his admiration for her was beautiful. We were brought to tears, seeing & feeling her memory kept alive in the faces of others. 

I realise that these are the moments to cherish.

Writing this made me think of the song 'A World of Our Own' by The Seekers. We used to see dad every second weekend and on the way back to our mum's house, we would belt out tunes from The Seekers & The Carpenters. I have mixed emotions when I reflect on those times (a story for another day) but we did love belting out those classic tunes.

I love you dad.

Nik xo.